Roughly 280 homes are located in the Brent Meade subdivision, in Brentwood Tennessee. Brent Meade is bounded on the south by Concord Rd and on the west by Wilson Pike.

Brent Meade residents rely on the community social media application Nextdoor to share information about: local happenings, security issues and other pertinent local news or information. If you live in Brent Meade and haven't yet signed up for Nextdoor, please go to to get your free account. In addition to signing up for the neighborhood mailing list, residents will be able to find useful items such as:

  • the neighborhood map,
  • updated, electronic versions of the neighborhood directory
  • copies of Brent Meade by-laws and covenants
Note: If you are new to the neighborhood, we ask that you complete this form for use with the neighborhood directory. You will also be able to find this form on Nextdoor.

If you do not live in the neighborhood but wish to get a message to the community, you may email Please be aware that it may take several days for a message to be posted that way. Residents will find it much faster and easier to create an account on Nextdoor and post their messages themselves.

If you are a realtor, title agent or other person needing to get in touch with the neighborhood HOA officers, emails to will be forwarded to the appropriate officer. If you are a resident, contact information for officers is available after you login to Nextdoor. The current HOA board includes:

Pat Watson
Contact Pat or Allyson with concerns about things that impact the neighborhood, for example, near by zoning variance requests.
Vice President:
Allyson Orum
Tamela Soltis
Contact Tamela for questions on HOA dues.
Deb Holmes
Contact Deb with directory changes or problems with the neighborhood website
Architectural Committee Chair:
Scott Duello
Dale Heller
For fence and building reviews please contact Scott or Dale
Maintenance Committee Chairs:
Andy Walker
Dale Heller
Contact Dale to report issues with street signs or street lights.
Contact Andy to report issues with the neighborhood entrances.
Traffic Calming Chair:
Laura Thompson
Contact Laura with questions or suggestions about traffic calming